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Author Richard Connell was born on October 17th 1893 in Duchess County, New York to parents Richard Connell Senior and Mary Connell. Richard Connell Senior was the owner of Poughkeepsie News-Press, which gave leeway into his son’s writing career. Connell was writing as early on as the age of 10, and was able to publish a few works due to the help of his father. By the age of 16, he was an editor for his father’s news-press. Soon after he attended Georgetown College, but left to become his father’s secretary. Connell’s father died in 1912, and he returned to college to complete his education at Harvard University. After leaving college Connell procured many impressive jobs such as; editor of The Daily Crimson, editor of the Harvard Lampoon magazine and after that a reporter for The New York American.

It was around this time that World War I began and Connel decided to enlist. Despite being enlisted, he continued to write while stationed in France. It is quite possible that his time in service influenced many of his future works, focusing on the darker side of man. The War soon ended and Connell returned home. After meeting his wife, Louise Fox, he decided to become a full time short story author. In 1922, Connell’s first book collection of short stories was released. His 1923 story, “A Friend of Napoleon” and his most famous story released in 1924, “The Most Dangerous Game” both won O’ Henry Memorial Prizes. These awards inspired him to write short stories full time, so he and his wife moved to California. Over the next 10 years Connell published three books, “The Mad Lover”, “Murder at Sea” and “Playboy” as well as having “The Most Dangerous Game” adapted into a movie.

Richard Connell died November 22nd 1949 in Beverly Hills California due to a heart attack.


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  1. I think he was born in 1893. I was born in 1983. 🙂

  2. My mistake, I guess I mixed up the 9 and the 8. It’s fixed now.

  3. thats so great haha

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